Preferences and Well-Being

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September 2006



A collection of papers by moral philosophers and philosophers of economics on the subject.


Introduction Serena Olsaretti; 1. Desire formation and human good Richard Arneson; 2. Preference formation and personal good Connie S. Rosati; 3. Leading a life of one's own: on well-being and narrative autonomy Johan Brannmark; 4. Well-being, adaptation and human limitations Mozaffar Qizilbash; 5. Consequentialism and preference formation in economics and game theory Daniel M. Hausman; 6. Preferences, deliberation and satisfaction Philip Pettit; 7. Content-related and attitude-related reasons for preferences Christian Piller; 8. Reasoning with preferences? John Broome; 9. Taking unconsidered preferences seriously Robert Sugden; 10. Preferences, paternalism and liberty Cass R. Sustein and Richard H. Thaler; 11. Preference change and interpersonal comparisons of welfare Alex Voorhoeve.


Serena Olsaretti is Lecturer at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Cambridge and Fellow of St John's College, Cambridge. She is the editor of Desert and Justice (2003) and has also published in The Journal of Political Philosophy and Utilitas.

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