Lyotard and the End of Grand Narratives

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Mai 2000



This study considers Lyotard's notion of a "grand" narrative and analyzes his critique of modernity. In the light of Lyotard's views, it goes on to examine the work of seven political thinkers whose ideas represent different stands of a distinctively modern perspective.


Gary Browning is Professor of Politics at Oxford Brookes University.


' ... Browning presents accessible accounts of both Lyotard's positions and the critical responses they engendered that are not unduly burdened by jargon ... Lyotard's originality and ingenuity is fully and critically appreciated by Gary Browning, who maintains a stance of sympathetic but critical detachment throughout this study. His reservations are clearly expounded and justified, and the book as a whole offers an integrated and persuasive account of how Lyotard's repudiation of generalising explanatory approaches was itself inflected by that mode of thought, but is also attentive to the significance of his contributions to the development of theorising after structuralism.' (Poststructualism and Radical Politics Newsletter) 'Those...who are looking for a clear and somewhat detached reconstruction of the strong critical and agonistic aspects of Lyotard's (political) philosophy, will surely like this beautiful and well presented book.' Tijdschrift voor filosofie
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