A History of Wales, 1906-2000

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Mai 2000



"A History of Wales, 1906-2000" is the fourth volume in a series beginning in 1485. This invaluable survey examines the main economic, social, political and cultural developments of hte last century in Wales. Wales has undergone sweeping changes during the twentieth century, with the decline of those powerful forces which once shaped Welsh life--agriculture, industry and religion--and the emergence of a Europeanized, devolved Wales towards the beginning of the new millennium. "A History of Wales, 1906-2000 "presents a chronological overview of this century of change in terms not only of economic, social and political activity but also of religion, education and culture in Wales. As the first book to analyse the whole of the twentieth century in Wales, this pioneering study will appeal to students and academics as well as to non-specialists who want a clear, concise and comprehensive history of twentieth-century Wales.


D. Gareth Evans is former Principal Lecturer and Head of History at Trinity College, Carmarthen.


," . . I recommend it to all students of Welsh history and to the lay reader who wants a concise and elegantly written account of the main forces which have shaped Wales . . ." -Western Mail
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