Celts and Christians

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April 2002



This volume aims to take a fresh look at the saints, scholars, nature poets and religious thinkers who shaped the early forms of Christianity in Britain and Ireland. It discusses Celtic ethnicity, location and national identities and goes on to consider texts from a theological viewpoint.


Introduction MARK ATHERTON Part I Identities 1 Celtic Christianity: texts and representations OLIVER DAVIES 2 The Idea of the Celt JONATHAN WOODING 3 The 'pagan' and 'Christian' identities of the Irish female saint ELVA JOHNSTON 4 Saxon or Celt? Caedmon, The Seafarer, and the Irish tradition MARK ATHERTON Part II Theologies 5 'There is no resurrection where there is no earth.' Creation and resurrection as seen in early Welsh poetry A. M. ALLCHIN 6 Muirchu's theology of conversion in his Vita Patricii THOMAS O'LOUGHLIN 7 Incarnate glory: the spirituality of D. Gwenallt Jones DENSIL MORGAN 8 The natural world in early Irish Christianity: an ecological footnote MARY LOW


Mark Atherton is Research Fellow at the Centre for the Study of Christianity and Culture, Regent's Park College, Oxford. He has published widely in the field of Anglo-Saxon literature and is the editor of Hildegaard of Bingen: Selected Writings.


'Celts and Christians is an appealing and rewarding collection, a welcome demonstration that 'Celtic Christianity' can be explored in ways which are not only balanced and cautious, but also imaginative, sensitive and penetrating.' Reviews in Religion and Theology ' ... This is a thought-provoking book which deserves to be well-known and studied. The basically academic approach to the texts is balanced by profound convictions about spirituality today, this providing a timely balance, preventing 'celtic' from becoming a laughable fantasy, while affirming the sources as life giving for all ...' (Regent's Reviews) 'This attractive volume of essays is perhaps the best introduction now available to what might be described as the new ''middle way'' that has emerged in the study of Celtic Christianity... this volume can be recommended to readers who... will discover that the beauties of this complex set of traditions are enhanced, not diminished, by careful attention to texts in their historical and literary particularity.' Anglican Theological Review
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