Cosmopolitanism and Human Rights

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Juli 2001



This work presents a review of works in the area of universal human rights and their implications for international politics. The text addresses such questions as: what rights are universal?; who holds the rights under international conventions?; and what is the link between such rights and peace?


Sharon Anderson-Gold is an Associate Professor at Renssclaer Polytechnic Institute, New York. She has written extensively on Kantian philosophy and human rights and is the author of Unnecessary Evil: History and Moral Progress in the Philosophy of Immanuel Kant (2000).


"This book has many merits. Anderson-Gold does an excellent job of combining theoretical insights with an empirical account of the world. Students will especially appreciate Anderson-Gold''s detailed account of the development of the global human rights regime and the use of historical examples to illustrate her theoretical points. Kantians will appreciate the interpretation that she provides of Kant''s cosmopolitan credentials. And while many of her arguments about the extent to which the contemporary practice of international politics is shaped by a cosmopolitan condition are likely to prove contentious, she nevertheless offers an image of international politics that many will find attractive."
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