Welsh in London: 1500-2000

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September 2001



Examines how the Welsh became absorbed into London's population yet retained aspects of Welsh culture from language to Eisteddfod, through societies. The study begins with the earliest contacts with the Welsh in Tudor London to the renaissance of Welsh literature in the 18th century.


Emrys Jones is a former Professor of geography at LSE and has published extensively on cities and ethnicity (five books from OUP).


'At long last we have a history of the Welsh in London which does justice to the inherent interest and importance of the subject, written by one of the leading urban geographers of our time, and which succeeds, in a most convincing manner, in providing a full and rounded account of its subject. It is written in a plain and unfussy style, often with wit and humour. It is well illustrated andis altogether a pleasure to read. The author is reassuringly familiar with all the places he refers to, and he takes an infectious pleasure in the perambulations, which his readers are invited to enjoy his company. Though scholarly and fully annotated, the book will appeal equally to the curious reader and the well-informed scholar.' (Archaeologia Cambrensis, Vol 150)
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