Religion, Secularization and Social Change in Wales

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Januar 2005



This comprehensive account of social and religious change in contemporary Wales combines theory and fieldwork with a deep sense of the historical dimensions of these changes and their implications for the future of religious institutions operating within a post-Christian society.


Paul Chambers is Research Fellow at the Centre for Civil Society Studies, University of Glamorgan.


'Apart from the sociology of religion, as such, this book will make a most significant contribution to the emerging field of congregational studies in Great Britain. It is particularly useful in bringing to notions such as that of 'evangelical' a more discriminating sense of ethos, mood and purpose -all related to historical and theological backgrounds- than is often the case with grand statements about the comparative success of evangelical-charismatic religion.' Professor Douglas Davies, University of Durham 'The book is full of extremely helpful insights for all churches and church leaders...' Church Times "It should be compulsory reading for church leaders: local church leaders, for the objective picture it gives of what is happening in some local churches, and those leaders responsible for appointing clergy and ministers, to blow away preconceptions about which styles of ministry are likely to lead to the strengthening of local churches." Colin Hill, Implicit Religion: Journal of the Centre for the Study of Implicit Religion and Contemporary Spirituality
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Untertitel: Congregational Studies in a Post-Christian Society. 'Politics & Society in Wales'. Sprache: Englisch.
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