Fear of Persecution: Global Human Rights, International Law, and Human Well-Being

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Fear of Persecution offers an absorbing and necessary overview of the plight of internally displaced people (IDPs) and refugees. James D. White and Anthony J. Marsella bring together essays that address issues emerging from the current relationship of international law, human rights, and refugee health and well-being.


Part 1 Introduction: Fear of Persecution Part 2 Section I: Refugees and Internally Displaced People Chapter 3 The Global Crisis of Internal Displacement Chapter 4 Paradigm Shifts in the International Responses to Refugees Part 5 Human Rights Issues and Concerns Chapter 6 Refugees' Human Right to Adequate Food Chapter 7 The Role of Relief NGO's in Human Rights and Protection Chapter 8 Culture and Human Rights Chapter 9 A Confucian Perspective on Human Rights Chapter 10 Institutionalizing Human Rights in the Militaries of the Emerging Democracies: The Case of Peru Part 11 Section III: International Law Chapter 12 History and Foundations for Refugee Security, Health, and Well-Being under International Law Chapter 13 Government Sanctioned Torture and International Law: A Survivor's Perspective Chapter 14 The Fundamental Human Right to Prosecution and Compensation Part 15 Section IV: Building Understanding, Promoting Healing, and Keeping Peace Chapter 16 Why We Need Diagnostic and Therapeutic Tools for War Crimes: A Blind Spot in International Humanitarian Law Chapter 17 Understanding Genocide: Beyond Remembrance or Denial Chapter 18 Post-Conflict Healing and Reconstruction for Peace: the Power of Social Mobilization Part 19 Afterword: To Forgive and Forget?


James D. White is Associate Director, International Programs, Center for Advanced Communications Policy, Georgia Institute of Technology. Anthony J. Marsella is Professor Emeritus of the Department of Psychology at the University of Hawai'i.


The book provides valuable perspectives, and is generally well written... Recommended. CHOICE A gripping collection of thoughtful essays from scholars and practitioners about the theoretical and actual challenges of eliminating the fear of persecution. A stark indictment of the disconnects between international rhetoric and reality. -- Thomas G. Weiss, Presidential Professor and Director, The CUNY Graduate Center
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