The Education-Drug Use Connection: How Successes and Failures in School Relate to Adolescent Smoking, Drinking, Drug Use, and Delinquency

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August 2007



Contents: Preface. Introduction and Overview. Literature Review: Conceptual and Empirical Overview of Issues. Survey Methods and Analysis Strategies. Educational Success and Failure: Causes and Correlates. Delinquency and Other Problem Behaviors Linked With Educational Success and Failure. How Educational Success and Failure Are Linked With Smoking in Adolescence and Young Adulthood. How Marijuana Use is Linked With Educational Success and Failure. How Cocaine Use is Linked With Educational Success and Failure. How Alcohol Use is Linked With Educational Success and Failure. Summary, Conclusions, and Implications. Appendix.


"This is an innovative and extremely valuable book ... The investigators address important areas of adolescent and adult development and provide extensive, compelling, and impressive data to support their hypotheses...The book...will be of great value to researchers in the behavioral sciences, as well as for educators, health care professionals, and policy makers." - Judith S. Brook, Ed.D., New York University School of Medicine "It is very clearly written and provides useful information from several excellent data sets...The authors have considerable expertise in methodology, and I very much appreciated the careful methodological instruction throughout." - Judy A. Andrews, Ph.D., Oregon Research Institute "The book is a pleasure to read, well-executed, and informative. The findings are convincing and interesting." - Nancy Galambos, Ph.D., University of Alberta "This book is a major step forward in the understanding of the predictors of educational success, substance use, and delinquency. The availability of nationally representative panel data for an eight-year period allows the authors to conduct predictive analyses heretofore impossible. Summaries are well written and accessible to lay audiencesaaC--A| This book is an important contribution to the field of adolescent development and should be of value to researchers, practitioners, and parents alike." - Liz Sale, PsycCritiques
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