Antony and Cleopatra

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This Reader's Guide provides a critical survey of the responses to this popular play, from the earliest published accounts to the present day. Leading the reader through the material in a chronological fashion, the book draws on a rich range of critical writings, including Dr Johnson, Coleridge, Bradley and Leavis. Nicholas Potter carefully relates this material to more general issues regarding Shakespearean criticism and scholarship, and the development of literary history and theory.


Introduction: 'Like to a Vagabond Flag Upon a Stream': The Vagaries of Opinion Concerning Antony and Cleopatra 'Let's Do It After the High Roman Fashion': Shakespeare's Classical World Shakespeare's World Well Lost? Theatre in England During the Interregnum and After Dryden's Re-Vision of Antony and Cleopatra Romantics to Victorians: 'This enchanting Queen' Modernists: 'No more but e'en a woman' The Editions: 'The varying shore o' the world' The Romanness of the Roman Plays (1) The Romanness of the Roman Plays (2) Postmodernists: Antony and Cleopatra: 'A child o' the time'? Conclusion: 'Infinite Variety'? Notes Select Bibliography Index


Nicholas Potter
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