The Agnostic Reader

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August 2007



This reader prints selections of some of the most profound and pioneering discussions of agnosticism over the past two centuries, including essays by Thomas Henry Huxley (who coined the term), Bertrand Russell, Albert Einstein, Isaac Asimov, and others.


Part I: Some Overviews; Part II: The Critical Study of Religion; Part III: Agnosticism and Science; Part IV: The Deficiencies of Religion; Part V: Christianity in Decline; Part VI: The Agnostic Way of Life.


S. T. Joshi is a freelance writer, scholar, and editor. His books include The Unbelievers: The Evolution of Modern Atheism; Documents of American Prejudice; In Her Place: A Documentary History of Prejudice against Women; God's Defenders: What They Believe and Why They Are Wrong; Atheism: A Reader; H. L. Mencken on Religion; The Agnostic Reader; What Is Man? and Other Irreverent Essays by Mark Twain and The Angry Right: Why Conservatives Keep Getting It Wrong.


"With his usual knowing discernment, S. T. Joshi mines the literature of two centuries to distill a peerless overview of the agnostic stance. He presents agnosticism complete, in all of its many variants and as championed by its most eminent defenders. Like Joshi's reader on the closely related field of atheism, The Agnostic Reader squeezes between two covers the most brilliant writings devoted to this significant and controversial topic."
Tom Flynn
Editor of Free Inquiry magazine
and The New Encyclopedia of Unbelief
"The essays here, grouped under headings like 'Agnosticism and Science, ' 'The Deficiencies of Religion' and 'The Agnostic Way of Life, ' make persuasive arguments in favor of an anti-dogmatic acknowledgement that it is impossible to ever know the truth about matters concerning God and the soul ... [a] wonderful collection."
Kirkus Reviews
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