A Failed Eldorado: Colonial Capialism, Rural Indusrialization, African Land Rights in Kenya, and the Kakamega Gold Rush, 1930-1952

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September 2007



This work explores Britain's attempt to take land from the Bantu-Luyia peoples of Western Kenya for gold mining following the discovery of gold in the North Kavirondo (NK) reserve in 1931.


Part 1 Abbreviations Part 2 Maps and Tables Part 3 Preface Chapter 4 Prelude to the Gold Rush Chapter 5 The Kakamega Gold Rush, Luyia Land Rights and the Kenya Land Commission, 1932-34 Chapter 6 Rural Industrialization, 1931-52 Chapter 7 Politics of Land, 1931-52 Chapter 8 Rural Industrialization: The Economic Balance Sheet Chapter 9 At the Crossroads: Social-Cultural Transformation Chapter 10 "A Failed Eldorado" Part 11 Bibliography Part 12 Appendices


Priscilla M. Shilaro is Assistant Professor of History at West Virginia University. She received her Ph.D. in History from West Virginia University.


An exceptionally well-researched monograph. Such data...could provide valuable insight into the complex history of colonialism in Africa in general. -- James H. Smith, University of California, Davis In this monograph Priscilla Shilaro gives us the first full account and the first critical study in depth of what until now has been a lengthy footnote in colonial Kenyan history... This book presents a vigorously pursued and very useful addendum to a social and political literature usually dominated by struggles over agricultural land. African Studies Review, September 2009 Recommended. CHOICE, December 2008
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