Plato and a Platypus Walk into a Bar...

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April 2007



A crash course in philosophy, this work takes us on a funny tour through the great philosophical traditions, schools, concepts and thinkers. The topics include: Logic (Sherlock Holmes never deduced anything!), analogies, fallacies, circular arguments, paradoxes Kant's antinomies, Social & Political Philosophy, among others.


Tom Cathcart and Daniel Klein pursued the usual careers after majoring in philosophy at Harvard. Tom worked with street gangs in Chicago, doctors at Blue Cross and Blue Shield, as a probation officer and as COO of a hospital, while dropping in and out of various divinity schools. His essay, The Ontological Argument Works! (Sort Of) appeared recently in Theology Today. He lives with his wife on Cape Cod. Dan has written jokes for various comedians including Flip Wilson and Lily Tomlin, designed stunts for Candid Camera, authored several thrillers and mysteries, including the Elvis Presley detective series and ghost-written a best-selling sex manual. He lives with his wife in the Berkshires. Together, they are authors of the politically-incorrect book of daily affirmations, Macho Meditations.

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