Middle Range Theory Development Using King's Conceptual System

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Continuing development and testing of propositions and formulations from nursing theory are critical for the continued evolution of nursing science. In this text, the editors and contributors highlight significant work in middle range theory development using King's Conceptual System and Theory of Goal Attainment.
Explored in the three sections of this volume are: An overview of the foundations on which middle range theories are built from within King's Conceptual System, including a chapter by Dr. KingPresentation of a variety of middle range theories applied to individuals, groups and families, and organizations--from children to the elderlyExamination of post-middle range theory development and challenges for further nursing research and education
Each chapter has a consistent format and includes a wide-range of perspectives and geographical locations, allowing readers to compare knowledge-building efforts across international lines.


Part I FOUNDATIONS; Chapter 1: King's Structure, Process, and Outcome in the Twenty-first Century, Imogene King; Chapter 2: The Nursing Act is an Excellent Human Act: A Philosophical Analysis Derived from Classical Philosophy and the Conceptual Framework and Theory of Imogene King, Beverly J. B. Whelton; Part II MIDDLE RANGE THEORIES; Chapter 3: King's Conceptual System and the Family Health Theory (FHT) in the Families of Adults with Persistent Mental Illnesses - An Evolving Conceptualization, Mary Molewyk Doornbos; Chapter 4: A Theory of Asynchronous Development: A Mid-level Theory Derived from A Synthesis of King and Peplau, Phyllis MacDonald du Mont; Chapter 5: Testing a Theory of Decision-Making Derived from King's Systems Framework in Women Eligible for a Cancer Clinical Trial, Heidi E. Ehrenberger, Martha R. Alligood, Sandra P. Thomas, Debra C. Wallace, and Cynthia M. Licavoli; Chapter 6: Social Support and Health of Older Adults, Janice E. Fries Reed; Chapter 7: The Theory of Integration: Congruency With Imogene King's Conceptual System, Cheri Ann Hernandez; Chapter 8: Development of a Mid-range Theory of Quality of Life of Stroke Survivors Derived From King's Conceptual System, Jenecia Fairfax.
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