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This comprehensive alchemical guide to plant extractions shows how spagyric methods "open" medicinal plants completely to release their most powerful healing properties. Including the Plant Magistery of Paracelsus and the Life Elixir recipe of Andreas Libavius among its historic techniques, this classic source text preserves the nearly forgotten methods of a true hermetic art.


Professor Manfred M. Junius (1929-2004) served as the production manager for spagyrics for Australerba Laboratories and was head of the Australian School of Ayurveda in Adelaide, Australia. His Western alchemical knowledge was obtained through many years of personal instruction from Augusto Pincaldi in Switzerland.


"The word means 'to draw out' and 'divide, ' a basic principle of alchemy. The techniques date back at least to Paracelsus and have been said to release powerful healing properties from plants." --The American Herb Association, 24:4, February 2010
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Untertitel: The Alchemical Preparation of Medicinal Essences Tinctures and Elixirs. New Edition of the Practical Handbook of Plant Alc. 47 b&w illustrations. Sprache: Englisch.
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