Energy and Environmental Hedge Funds: The New Investment Paradigm

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Juni 2006



Energy & Environmental Hedge Funds The New Investment Paradigm I highly recommend this book for those investors interested in energy and environmental hedge funds. It is a great handbook on these topics. The authors make a difficult subject easy for investors to understand. Energy and environmental hedge funds are both the newest and next area for hedge fund investment and diversification. - Lisa Vioni, President, HedgeConnection.com Peter Fusaro and Gary Vasey have done a great jo9b in compiling all of the background information that a newcomer to energy investing should have. This insightful book helps in determining how best to gain exposure to the rapidly changing energy trading sector. - Raj Mahajan, President & Co-Founder, SunGard Kiodex The entry of opportunistic hedge funds into the energy sector is creating a sea of change for the industry. Fueled by pension funds and institutional investors, hedge funds are attracted to the petroleum industry because the current price volatility provides generous returns for their investors. However, these investments are not without risk. Gary Vasey and Peter Fusaro explain the ins and outs of it all in their insightful narrative. - Don Stowers, Editor, Oil & Gas Financial Journal Peter Fusaro and Gary Vasey write about energy and environmental hedge fund markets with greater style, aplomb, and insight that any other observers of financial high str5eets worldwide... Outlining some of the early and provocative details of an industry's youthful achievement and potential, it is likely that this exposition by two of the energy and financial world's most credible experts will become a seminal work. - Ethan L. Cohen, Director, Utility and Energy Technology, UtiliPoint International, Inc. As the world's energy markets continue to grow, there is a growing need for professional literature on the subject. Sustained higher energy prices are now driving investment interest at an unprecedented level into the energy sector and that is spilling over into the clean technology and environmental financial markets. Energy and Environmental Hedge Funds: The New Investment Paradigm is the first book to cover the universe of energy hedge funds by strategy and to discuss the significant opportunities that they are responding to, not just in energy and energy-related commodities, but across the energy industry in general including equities, debt, assets, alternative energy, carbon and emissions trading, 'green' plays, and arbitrage. These expert authors cover important aspects such as the maturity of energy markets and how they are expected to develop in financial sophistication and size over the next 3 to 5 years, and the emergence of investible indices and ETF's. They look at what is really driving energy prices and volatilities and also focus on the next market opportunities for investors in green hedge funds and weather derivatives. In this one book, the entire energy and environmental value chain is uncovered for investment opportunities.


Abbreviated Terms Used in this Book.
1. The New Investors in Energy.
2. What are Energy and Environmental Hedge Funds?
3. Why are Hedge Funds Attracted to Energy and the Environment?
4. The Energy Complex and Investment Opportunities.
5. The Energy Hedge Funds.
6. Impacts and Evidence of Hedge Fund Activity in Energy.
7. Green Hedge Funds: Trading the Environment.
8. Weather Hedge Funds.
9. Energy and Natural Resources Fund of Hedge Funds.
10. Energy Indexes.
11. A Five-year Bull Market in Energy?


Peter Fusaro has written four books on energy hedging (two with John Wiley) including the New York Times best seller What Went Wrong at Enron. He is recognized throughout Asia as an energy risk management expert, and has spoken at several APEC meetings as well as in China, Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, Australia and Japan on energy trading. He has also written a Financial Times Report, Asia Pacific Energy Derivatives, and conducted many energy hedging and risk management studies for Japanese and Korean companies and governments on these topics for the past 10 years.Gary Vasey, PhD, has over twenty years experience across the entire Energy industry. He was an exploration geologist before becoming an energy industry consultant with Price Waterhouse Coopers. He was a founding member of Cap Gemini Sogeti's Oil and Gas sector with worldwide responsibility for strategic partnerships, service development and marketing before going on to build Sybase's successful Energy Industry strategy. In 1999 he founded Vas Mark Group, his own marketing consulting and analysis firm focused on the energy industry which he eventually sold to Utilipoint International Inc in 2004. He now runs that firm's trading and risk management practice as VP.
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