The Social Origins of Health and Well-Being

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The impact that social determinants such as work, environment, race and class have on health.


1. A general model of the social origins of health and well-being Jake Najman; Part I. Historical, Global and Cultural Perspectives: 2. Healthier progress: historical perspectives on the social and economic determinants of health John Powles; 3. Health inequalities in the New World Order David Legge; 4. Globalisation and environmental change: implications for health and health inequalities Colin Butler, Bob Douglas and Tony McMichael; 5. Culture, health and well-being Richard Eckersley; Part II. Explaining Health Inequalities: 6. Income inequality and health: in search of fundamental causes Gavin Turrell; 7. Mediation of the effects of social and economic status on health and mortality: the roles of behaviour and constitution Richard Taylor; 8. Migrants, money and margarine: possible explanations for Australia-New Zealand mortality differences Alistair Woodward, Colin Mathers and Martin Tobias; 9. Income, income inequality and health in New Zealand Philippa Howden-Chapman and Des O'Dea; 10. Equity in access to health care Stephen Duckett; Part III. Social Organisation and Health: 11. Human settlements: health and the physical environment Peter Newman; 12. Work and health: the impact of structural workforce changes and the work environment Anne-Marie Feyer and Dorothy Broom; 13 Health, inequities, community and social capital Robert Bush and Fran Baum; Part IV. Developmental and Biological Perspectives: 14. Health inequalities: the seeds are sown in childhood, what about the remedies? Graham Vimpani; 15. Family, early development and life course: common risk and protective factors in pathways to prevention Judy Cashmore; 16. Health inequalities: is the foundation for these laid before the time of birth? Terry Dwyer, Ruth Morley and Leigh Blizzard; 17. How social factors affect health: neuro-endocrine interactions Kerin O'Dea and Mark Daniel; Part V. Implications for Policy, Interventions and Health Research: 18. The sociology of Aboriginal health policy and modelling in social epidemiology Ian Anderson; 19. Does our limited analysis of the dimensions of poverty limit the way we seek solutions? Elizabeth Harris, Don Nutbeam and Peter Sainsbury; 20. Developmental prevention in a disadvantaged community Ross Homel, Gordon Elias and Ian Hay; 21. Rethinking evaluation for policy action on the social origins of health and well-being Beverly Sibthorpe and Jane Dixon.
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