Schooling, the Puritan Imperative, and the Molding of an American National Identity: Education's "Errand Into the Wilderness"

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Present-day America is perceived by many as immersed in a moral crisis. This text explores the relationship between the purposes of education and the notion of an American identity and morality rooted in the Puritan concept of an "errand into the wilderness".


Contents: Preface. The Puritan Gift: The Historical Condition of Writing the Symbolic Narrative of America. Puritan Moral Symbols: Errand Into the Wilderness and the Jeremiad Ritual. Finding Order and Balance Between Faith and Reason Through Educational Maps. Inheriting the Errand: Hopes and Fears of the Anglo-Protestant Middle Class. The New Discourses of Education: "Reason" to Preserve the Moral Imperative. Public Education as Moral Transcendence: William Torrey Harris and the Errand Impulse. Moral Crisis of America and Its Schools: Return of the Jeremiad Ritual. Afterword.
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