Observing Children and Young People

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April 2007



Observation is an essential skill for everyone working with children and young people. The 4th edition of this well- established textbook gives complete guidance on observation techniques in a user-friendly style.


Preface; Introduction; Acknowledgements; 1. Why do observations?; 2. A step-by-step guide to presenting an observation; 3. Experimenting with observational techniques; 4. Extending and utilizing your observations; 5. Linking observations and assessments to the Early Learning Goals and the National Curriculum; 6. Activities to assist curriculum planning in order to promote developmental progress; 7. Developmental milestones from birth to 16 years; References; Further reading; Index.


Carole Sharman is an NVQ early years trainer, assessor and verifier.


"This is an absolutely fabulous book, which will be invaluable to all those who work as carers and educators of young children. Written in a highly accessible and easy to dip in and out of style, most will find it an easy and informative read. Packed with sensible and practical ideas gleaned from the qualified and experienced authors, the reader will be a much more skilled practitioner having developed their analytical powers of observation to the full. This user-friendly guide to observation is an essential read for all CACHE, Edexel, Open University and City & Guilds validated courses and all childcare practitioners, such as reception class teachers, foundation stage practitioners and teaaching assistants"--Sanford Lakoff
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