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September 1995



Introduces the Bible's teaching about the new earth that God will create, and explores imaginatively what living on it may be like. A fascinating read.
In the wake of the disastrous events of September 11th, many people are asking questions and searching for answers about heaven and eternal life. Scripture Union have therefore reprinted this excellent, thought-provoking book which gives a trustworthy summary of the Bible's teaching on heaven, and the promise of a new earth. It provides a counter-view to traditional ideas of wispy spirits, clutching harps and singing the Hallelujah Chorus! With biblical foundations and visions of life on the new earth, readers are asked to consider what it may really be like. The final chapter explores the contemporary implications. With a brand new jacket to bring it right up to date; you may well find that this is just the book your customers are seeking in the present climate.


Preface PART 1: BIBLICAL FOUNDATIONS FOR A NEW EARTH 1. Where on earth are we going? (The new earth in the Old Testament) 2. The renewal of all things (The new earth in the New Testament) 3. So what about heaven? (A re-examination of heaven) 4. A walk in the Paradise garden (Between death and resurrection) 5. Let's get physical (A new body for a new earth) PART 2: VISIONS OF LIFE ON THE NEW EARTH 6. Person to person (Relationships in the new earth) 7. It's life, folks, but not as we know it (Life on the new earth) 8. Three visionary tales (George's tale, Harold's tale, Gabriella's tale) PART 3: CONTEMPORARY IMPLICATIONS OF BELIEF IN A RENEWED EARTH 9. Knowing the end from the beginning (Living in anticipation of the new earth)


David Lawrence is an experienced writer of books and resources for young people and the pastor of a church near Bristol.


"Very readable, pracitcal and biblical...if your image of heaven is a bit vague or unexciting, you should read this book!" John Buckridge, editor of "Christianity and Renewal" and "Youthwork"
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Untertitel: It's Not the End of the World. Paperback. Sprache: Englisch.
Verlag: Scripture Union
Erscheinungsdatum: September 1995
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