Bach's Cello Suites

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April 2007



Extensive analyses of the most beloved of Bachs works


Volume I: Foreword; Preface 1: Historical Background; 2: The Preludes; 3: The Allemandes; 4: The Courantes; 5: The Sarabandes; 6: The Optional Dances; 7: The Gigues; 8: Summary and Conclusions Appendix: Analytical Designations Volume II 1: Music Examples for the Historical Background; 2: Music Examples for the Preludes; 3: Music Examples for the Allemandes; 4: Music Examples for the Courantes; 5: Music Examples for the Sarabandes; 6: Music Examples for the Optional Dances; 7: Music Examples for the Gigues


Allen Winold, Professor of Music Emeritus at Indiana University s Jacobs School of Music, has written numerous books on music theory and history. He has been an active composer, arranger, violinist, and conductor, and has given master classes and seminars throughout the world."


... these volumes are a fascinating, comprehensive, and incredibly detailed look into the solo cello works of Bach. Recommended for those who like theory and in-depth, analytical discussions of Bach's music.--G. P."Strings Magazine" (01/01/2009)
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