Transcendence and Beyond: A Postmodern Inquiry

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A benchmark volume at the intersection of philosophy and religion


Introduction: Do We Need to Transcend Transcendence? John D. Caputo & Michael J. Scanlon Part 1. Keynotes of Transcendence 1. The Impossible for Man-God Jean-Luc Marion; 2. Nihilism as Postmodern Christianity Gianni Vattimo Part 2. Re-Imagining Traditional Transcendence 3. Re-Imagining God Richard Kearney; 4. Trinity and Transcendence Michael J. Scanlon; 5. Transcendent Immanence and Evolutionary Creation James P. Mackey; 6. G*d - The Many Named: Without Place and Proper Name Elisabeth Schussler Fiorenza; Part 3. Relocating Transcendence on the Plane of Immanence 7. Rumors of Transcendence: The Movement, State, and Sex of "Beyond" Catherine Keller; 8. Intimations of Transcendence: Praise and Compassion Salllie McFague; 9. Topologies of Transcendence David Wood; 10. Temporal Transcendence: The Very Idea of a venir in Derrida John D. Caputo; 11. Transcendence as Transversality Calvin SchragTranscendence and Beyond: A Concluding Roundtable Moderated by John D. Caputo


John D. Caputo is the Thomas J. Watson Professor of Religion and Humanities at Syracuse University. He is also David R. Cook Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at Villanova University. His many books include The Weakness of God (IUP, 2006). Michael J. Scanlon, O.S.A., holds the Josephine C. Connelly Endowed Chair in Theology at Villanova University.


"This is an important contribution to the contemporary discussion of transcendence in theology, raising questions for our continued consideration and providing thoughtful answers to those questions." James E. Faulconer, Brigham Young University
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