Thinking about Management: A Reflective Practice Approach

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The book aims to encourage readers to undertake their own personal explorations of the impact which origins and precedents have upon the everyday activities of managers. Through the process of reflective practice, the book seeks to encourage wider thinking and debate about the "why" questions which lie behind so many of the "how to do" approaches to management.


Preface David Golding and David Currie 1. The Nature of Management David Golding 2. Encountering Management Vince Dispenza 3. Treading Treacle at Parties and Parapets - Excursions into Managerial Ideology Joe Nason 4. The Enactment of Political Tensions in Management - A Historical Perspective Judith Golding 5. Reconstructing The Study of Management Robert Protherough 6. Teaching Management Through Reflective Practice Janet McGivern and Jane Thompson 7. Circles of Uncertainty in Management Learning Judith Golding 8. Promises, Promotions and Pristine Porcelain - Rhetorics and Essences in Management Action Fred Dobson 9. Nothing Starts From Nowhere David Currie Reflective David Golding and David Currie.
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