Prisons After Woolf: Reform Through Riot

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November 1993



For the past few years prisons have attracted much media attention, due to substantial increases in the prison population and the deteriorating conditions in which prisoners are held. In addition, there has been industrial action by prison officers and a series of disturbances and riots by prisoners. Following the riot at Strangeways prison in Manchester in 1990 Lord Justice Woolf was called to conduct an inquiry into the riots and their causes. Prisons After Woolf serves as a basic source of information on prison issues and reviews them in the light of the Woolf proposals. In so doing, its contributors, drawn from all areas of the legal and prison system, present an important broad perspective on the major questions in penology today.


Roy King, University College of Wales; Rod Morgan, University of Bristol; Adam Sampson, Prison Reform Trust; Keith Bottomley, University of Hull; Vivien Stern, NACRO (National Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders)
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