Managing HIV in the Workplace: Learning from SMEs

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April 2007



Providing an in-depth analysis of the opportunities and constraints faced by six small- and medium-sized enterprises in managing the burden of HIV/AIDS within their companies, this study focuses on the complexity of HIV risk dynamics, as well as the challenges of implementing effective HIV/AIDS intervention programs, and highlights achievements despite resource constraints. Through qualitative research techniques, the study reflects not only the views and opinions of management, but also the experiences of ordinary employees as participants in HIV/AIDS interventions.


Jocelyn Vass is a senior research specialist in the Education, Science and Skills Development research programme of the HSRC. Before joining the HSRC, Vass was a trade unionist, and co-ordinated school-to-work transition programmes for historically disadvantaged learners. She was also the local project co-ordinator of the Mesebetsi Labour Force Survey. Timothy Sizwe Phakathi is presently a commonwealth scholar and a PhD candidate in the Department of Sociology at the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom. He was previously a Senior Researcher in the Employment and Economic Policy research (EEPR) programme at the HSRC.

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