Women, Development and Transport in Rural Eastern Cape, South Africa

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April 2007



Concentrating on selected sites in the rural Eastern Cape province of South Africa and using such methods as time-use diaries, this study addresses inequities in social, political, and economic development with respect to women, development, and transport. Transport is shown to be not simply about mobility and infrastructure, but also about socio-cultural roles and responsibilities that impede the development of women and young girls. Insights gained during the research are directed towards not only transport infrastructure in the Eastern Cape, but also to poverty alleviation, gender mainstreaming, and intervention with violence against women, a direct experience of the transport-and travel-related activities of women.


Cheryl-Ann Potgieter is the director of the gender and development unit at the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC), and she is an associate professor in psychology at the University of Pretoria. Renay Pillay is a researcher in the gender and development unit of the HSRC. Sharmla Rama is a research specialist in the child, youth, family, and social development research program at the HSRC and a former assistant director at Statistics South Africa.
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