Asia in the Making of New Zealand

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April 2007



In this collection of 10 essays, authors from a range of Asian studies and New Zealand-related disciplines explore how the burgeoning Asian population in New Zealand affects New Zealanders' understanding of Asia and how it alters the way that Asians see their own identity. This book identifies the historical and contemporary impact of Asia on New Zealand culture, celebrates cultural diversity, and offers a practical understanding of the Asian diaspora. Historical links between many Asian countries and New Zealand are considered as well as Asian aspects of contemporary "kiwi" culture, including the Indonesian gamelan, identity in India, Muslim traditions, and Chinese and Korean use of the media.


Foreword His Worship, The Mayor of Dunedin, Peter Chin; Introduction: Asia & the Making of Multicultural New Zealand Henry Johnson & Brian Moloughney; PART 1: HISTORIES AND CONTINUITIES: CHAPTER 1. Teaching Maori About Asia: Print Culture and Community Identity in Nineteenth-; Century New Zealand - Tony Ballantyne; CHAPTER 2. Temperate New Zealand and Tropical Asia: Health, Colonization and Conservation, 1840-1900 - James John Beattie; CHAPTER 3. After Gold: Reconstructing Chinese Communities, 1896-1913 - Brian Moloughney, Tony Ballantyne and David Hood; CHAPTER 4. Writing Diaspora: Engendering Indian Settlers' History in Aotearoa - Jacqueline Leckie; CHAPTER 5. Coming to Terms with Trade: Exploring the Implications of New Zealand's Economic Relationship with Asia - Tim Beal; PART 2: DIASPORA AND IDENTITY: CHAPTER 6. Reinventing Indian Identity in Multicultural New Zealand - Sekhar Bandyopadhyay; CHAPTER 7. Imagining the Community: Newspapers, Cyberspace and the (Non-) Construction of Korean-New Zealand Identity - Stephen Epstein; CHAPTER 8. From Middle Kingdom to Middle Earth and Back: Chinese Media/Mediated Identities in New Zealand - Paola Voci; CHAPTER 9. Striking Accord! Gamelan, Education, and Indonesian Cultural Flows in Aotearoa/New Zealand - Henry Johnson; CHAPTER 10. Muslim Traditions and Islamic Law in New Zealand: The 'burqa Case' and the Challenge of Multiculturalism - Erich Kolig; Afterword - Ann Curthoys
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