American Education: A History

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August 1999



New to this edition is the addition of the current (1990s) history of education, expanded coverage of Native American education, increased coverage of the development of high schools, added coverage of the cultural literacy movement, and suggestions for further reading located at the end of each chapter.



Chapter 1: Education in Precolonial America: Native American Cultural Traditions

Chapter 2: Colonialization and Cultural Transplantation: 1607-1776

Chapter 3: Education and the Building of a New Nation: 1776-1830

Chapter 4: The Common Man and the Common School: 1820-1860

Chapter 5: Class, Caste, and Education in the South: 1800-1900

Chapter 6: Beginning a Modern School System: 1865-1890

Chapter 7: Organizing the Modern School System: Educational Reform in the Progressive Era, 1890-1915

Chapter 8: Completing the Modern School System: American Education, 1915-1929

Chapter 9: The Effects of Depression and War on American Education: 1930-1946

Chapter 10: Education During and After the Crucial Decade: 1945-1960

Chapter 11: The Pursuit of Equality: 1960-1980

Chapter 12: From Equality to Excellence: American Education 1980-2000



Wayne J. Urban is Regents Professor in the Department of Educational Policy Studies and Professor of History at Georgia State University, where he has taught since 1971. His previous books are Accountability in American Education: A Critique (1976), Why Teachers Organized (1982), and Black Scholar: Horace Mann Bond, 1904-1972 (1992). He is currently president of the American Educational Studies Association and is past president of the History of Education Society. He is a former editor of Educational Studies and of the American Educational Research Journal. His current research interests are the history of desegregation in education, the history of educational research, and the history of teachers, their work, and their organizations.
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