The Twentieth Century and Beyond: A Brief Global History

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Written by a diverse group of scholars who bring their regional expertise together, this best-selling text offers a balanced treatment of global events and developments in the twentieth century and beyond. By integrating key themes of science and technology, economics, political and social developments, international relationships, and cultural trends throughout its chronological chapters, the book uses its organization as a key tool to help students appreciate this important period in global history. Its clear prose weaves basic factual information and analysis together to create a student-friendly text, while still allowing for professors' personal interpretations. This seventh edition incorporates the latest scholarship on twentieth century history, including the work of a new co-author, Michael Schroeder, and addresses key issues of twenty-first century concern, including terrorism, the environment, and more.


<H3>1. 1900: A Preview of the Twentieth CenturyPART I: THE ERA OF IMPERIALISM<H3>2. General Trends before World War I<H3>3. The Great Powers of Europe<H3>4. The European Conquest of Africa<H3>5. The Americas<H3>6. Imperialism in Asia and the Pacific<H3>7. The Origins of World War I<H3>8. World War IPART II: THE ERA OF REVOLUTION AND WAR<H3>9. General Trends in the Interwar Years<H3>10. Russia's Three Revolutions, 1917-1932<H3>11. Postwar Settlements and Europe in the 1920s<H3>12. Economic and Social Upheaval in the Americas<H3>13. East Asia between the World Wars<H3>14. Nationalist Struggles in India and Southeast Asia<H3>15. Anticolonialism in the Middle East and Africa<H3>16. Dictatorship and Democracy in Europe during the 1930s<H3>17. Aggression in the 1930s<H3>18. World War IIPART III: THE ERA OF THE COLD WAR AND THE COLLAPSE OF EMPIRES<H3>19. General Trends in the Era of the Cold War and the Collapse ofEmpires<H3>20. Postwar Settlements, Europe, and the Early Cold War<H3>21. The Americas after World War II<H3>22. Asia in the Aftermath of World War II<H3>23. African Struggles for Independence<H3>24. Economic and Political Developments in the Middle East<H3>25. The Israeli-Palestinian-Arab Conflict<H3>26. Detente and Europe, 1963-1984<H3>27. The Americas in the Late Cold War Era<H3>28. South and Southeast Asia in the Late Cold War Era<H3>29. Competing Systems in East Asia in the Late Cold War Era<H3>30. Africa in the Later Years of the Cold War<H3>31. Gorbachev, Europe, and the End of the Cold War, 1985-1991PART IV: THE POST-COLD WAR PERIOD<H3>32. The Post-Cold War World<H3>33. Europe and the Americas in a New Era<H3>34. Asia, The Middle East, and Africa in a New EraAPPENDIXES A. World Geography B. Wealthy Nations, Poor Nations, and Military Spending in the 1980s and 1990s C. Glossary INDEX


Richard Goff is Professor Emeritus of History at Eastern Michigan University. He received his A.B. from Duke University and was a Woodrow Wilson Fellow at Cornell and a James B. Duke Fellow at Duke, where he received his Ph.D. He taught twentieth-century world history for more than a quarter of a century beginning in 1975. He is the author of Confederate Supply and of articles in the Encyclopedia of Southern History and the Encyclopedia of Southern Culture. He is the editor and co-author of two other college textbooks, A Survey of Western Civilization and World History.
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