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Business Communications at Work, 3e is a very practical, hands-on text-workbook to help students learn to use the types of communication that they are most apt to experience on the job. The book is full of examples of letters, memos, and correspondence designed to demonstrate the application of the principles covered in the book. A Web site for this book provides supplemental learning exercises. Although the main focus of the book is written communication, a chapter on listening and making a presentation is now included. Each chapter of the book is an independent unit that allows the teacher the flexibility of covering most chapters in any order. This flexibility allows the teacher to customize the course to meet the needs of individual classes. Many chapters are easily broken into units so teachers can cover just the units they want.


<h2>Unit 1<h3>Chapter 1: Setting the Stage for Effective Communication<h3>Chapter 2: Choosing the Right Words<h3>Chapter 3: Developing Sentences and Paragraphs<h2>Unit 2<h3>Chapter 4: Developing Listening and Speaking Skills<h3>Chapter 5: Planning and Organizing Business Messages<h3>Chapter 6: Using Technology to Improve Communication<h3>Chapter 7: Formatting Business Messages<h2>Unit 3<h3>Chapter 8: Goodwill Principles and Goodwill Messages<h3>Chapter 9: Messages for Inquiries and Requests<h3>Chapter 10: Claim and Adjustment Messages<h3>Chapter 11: Persuasive Messages<h3>Chapter 12: Order, Credit, and Collection Messages<h2>Unit 4<h3>Chapter 13: Developing Memos and Memo Reports<h3>Chapter 14: Creating Press Releases, Newsletters, and Letters to Public Officials<h3>Chapter 15: Constructing and Presenting Reports<h3>Chapter 16: Preparing Meeting Communications<h2>Unit 5 <h3>Chapter 17: Conducting the Job Search<h3>Chapter 18: Selling Yourself to Employers

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