Feedback: Television Against Democracy

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April 2007



In a world where politics is conducted through images, the tools of art history can be used to challenge the privatized antidemocratic sphere of American television.


David Joselit is Distinguished Professor in the Art History Department of the CUNY Graduate Center and the author of Infinite Regress: Marcel Duchamp 1910-1941 (MIT Press, 1998) and American Art Since 1945.


"An elegant, passionately argued, and crucially important rallying cry... There may be hope that this call to arms for the fields of art history and criticism will not go unheeded." Ulrich Baer Modern Painters "[Joselit's] wonderfully spare text focuses on the first hints of the digital future as it was mapped by commercial network executives on the clunky hardware of the cathode-ray tube and the dumb black boxes that decoded the increasingly privatized information stream of cable TV." Caroline A. Jones Artforum
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