Dependence Logic: A New Approach to Independence Friendly Logic

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Juni 2007



Dependence is a common phenomenon, wherever one looks: ecological systems, astronomy, human history, stock markets - but what is the logic of dependence? This book is the first to carry out a systematic logical study of this important concept, giving on the way a precise mathematical treatment of Hintikka’s independence friendly logic. Dependence logic adds the concept of dependence to first order logic. Here the syntax and semantics of dependence logic are studied, dependence logic is given an alternative game theoretic semantics, and results about its complexity are proven. This is a graduate textbook suitable for a special course in logic in mathematics, philosophy and computer science departments, and contains over 200 exercises, many of which have a full solution at the end of the book. It is also accessible to readers, with a basic knowledge of logic, interested in new phenomena in logic.


Preface; 1. Introduction; 2. Preliminaries; 3. Dependence logic; 4. Examples; 5. Game theoretic semantics; 6. Model Theory; 7. Complexity; 8. Team logic; 9. Solutions to selected exercises by Ville Nurmi; References; Index.


Jouko Vaananen is Professor of Mathematics at the University of Helsinki.


"The material is written in a very friendly way. Definitions of the majority of the important notions are preceded by explanations of the ideas. Moreover, the book contains more than 200 exercises, many of which have a solution at the end of the book. This makes it easier to read the book and understand its material. The book could definitely be interesting to a wide spectrum of mathematicians, philosophers and computer scientists." - Michael Krynicki, Mathematical Reviews
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