America and the Limits of the Politics of Selfishness

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America and the Limits of the Politics of Selfishness examines Congress, the Presidency, the public, and public policy, demonstrating the important impact of the public's selfishness, morality, compassion, and religious beliefs on the American political system.


Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 2 Puzzles of Representative Government Chapter 3 The Possibilities and Limits of Presidential and Political Leadership Chapter 4 The Public Chapter 5 Is There a Role for Morality and Religion in Our Political System? Chapter 6 A Problem of Accountability and Power in Our Democracy Chapter 7 Self-love and Ignorance about the World as well as the United States


Sidney R. Waldman is professor of political science at Haverford College.


Sidney Waldman's book offers an important and timely critique of the moral basis of contemporary American political institutions and policies. Waldman also offers ideas for moving away from the excessive and corrupting self-love of American politics today toward a more public-centered future. America and the Limits of the Politics of Selfishness is a book that should be read by all students of American politics and by a public that is increasingly concerned about the direction in which the country is headed. -- David Vogler, Professor of Political Science, Wheaton College Waldman provides a persuasive critique of American democracy that is refreshingly accessible, yet richly compelling in its implications. The author believes Americans can rise to the occasion, and establish a politics that is worthy of themselves, others, and their Creator. Highly recommended. CHOICE ...this may be a book for you. -- March 2008 Friends Journal An eloquent and persuasive writer, using the language of humanism while citing social science literature, Sidney Waldman demonstrates how morality and compassion have an important role to play in American politics, and that we as citizens are capable of enhancing the moral depth of our political participation. Remarkable for its vitality, this book effectively combats tired cynicism and the weakness of self-interest models of citizenship. -- Andrew McFarland, Professor of Political Science, University of Illinois at Chicago
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