Regions in Transition: The Northern Great Plains and the Pacific Northwest in the Great Depression

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This is an in-depth analysis of the dramatic influence of the Great Depression upon the geography, politics, economics, and demography of the Northern Great Plains and Pacific Northwest. The author references evidence from local histories, on-site visits and interviews, scholarly research, government documents, and local newspapers.


Part 1 Preface Part 2 Acknowledgements Chapter 3 1. Introduction Chapter 4 2. The Unpredictable Great Plains Chapter 5 3. Dust, Grasshoppers, Thistles, and Radical Protest Chapter 6 4. The New Deal Responds Chapter 7 5. The Pacific Northwest: An Underdeveloped Favorite Chapter 8 6. Washington: The Evergreen State Chapter 9 7. Oregon: The Land of Promise Chapter 10 8. Idaho: The Gem State Chapter 11 9. Baked Out, Blown Out, and Broke Chapter 12 10. Adapting in Eden Chapter 13 11. Prosperity Returns Part 14 Bibliography Part 15 Index


Rolland Dewing is Professor Emeritus of History at Chadron State College. He received his M.A. from Central Washington State College and his Ph.D. from Ball State University. He is the author of Wounded Knee: The Meaning and Significance of the Second Incident and numerous journal articles and reviews.


Dr. Dewing's book is very well written, will keep your interest and will make you want to keep reading to learn more fascinating facts in the next chapter. Journal Star a gem...Dewing skillfully describes the recurring droughts that plague the Northern Great Plains. Western Historical Quarterly, Spring 2008 ...an enjoyable read that whets one's appetite for more information on the history of these regions, and is interspersed with a plethora of facts and figures in the text (economic data, population statistics, climatological data, etc). SUMMING UP: RECOMMENDED. All levels/libraries. -- B.C. Sarjeant, North Michigan University CHOICE
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