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This volume is concerned with political action on the margins of conventional political participation in a democracy - extremism, protest and social movements.


Part 1 Theoretical: social movement dynamics during democratic transition and consolidation - a synthesis of political process and political interactionist theories, Ron Pagnucco. Part 2 Comparative studies: the mass basis of the extreme right in Europe in a comparative perspective, Jorgen Falter and Markus Klein; dominant and majority exclusive nationalism in Eastern Europe - searching for determinants, Mary McIntosh et al; contexts of political protest in western democracies - political organization and modernity, Edeltraud Roller and Bernhard Wessels; the role of voice in a future Europe, Karl-Dieter Opp. Part 3 Case studies - the United States and western Europe: movement strategy and dramaturgic framing in democratic states - the case of the American civil rights movement, Douglas McAdam; David Duke - democracy under stress in Louisiana, Susan Howell; the national front vote and right-wing extremism, 1988-1995, Nonna Mayer; the far right in unified Germany, Michael Minkenberg; recent right-wing radicalism in Germany - its development and resonance in the public and social sciences, Dieter Rucht; discourse and racism in postwar Austria - antisemitism and attitudes toward foreigners, Ruth Wodak; the political conditioning of collective violence - regime change and insurgent terrorism in Spain, Fernando Reinares; Nazism through democracy - why 14 million Germans voted for the Nazi party, William Brustein. Part 4 Case studies - other regions: the breakup of Yugoslavia, Anthony Oberschall; the opposition movement in South Africa, Gay Seidman; putting "people power" back together again - some puzzles from the Philippines, Mark Thompson.
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