The Girls

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April 2007



In Lansens's second novel, readers come to know Rose and Ruby, 29-year-old conjoined twins. When one of the girls decides to write her autobiography, the distinct personalities of the two emerge to reveal their contradictory longing for independence and their unwavering togetherness.


Lori Lansens has written several films and is the author of the novel Rush Home Road. This is her second book. She lives in Toronto.


"Lansens overcomes the 'ick' factor in this surprisingly moving story... The novel's power lies in the wonderful narrative voices of Rose and Ruby. Lansens has created a richly nuanced, totally believable sibling relationship... An unsentimental, heartwarming page-turner. Quite an achievement."-Starred Kirkus Review "It is the true test of a writer's mettle to create a convincing narrator, and Lori Lansens has done it not once but twice in her remarkable novel about conjoined twins. The two fascinating protagonists of "The Girls" live their lives together in every way, and yet nevertheless emerge with beliefs and desires all their own, and with distinct outlooks on their difficult circumstances. Lori Lansens is clearly a novelist with a very delicate touch."-Arthur Golden, author of Memoirs of a Geisha "The Girls, the year's best book to come out of Canada, possibly the world. There's deep craft at work here. The Girls communicates astute insights into the art of the memoir and tackles plot development that would sink most other writers. Lansens navigates them effortlessly. Awesome." -"NOW magazine "I promise: you will never forget this extraordinary story. Love, connection, loyalty, raw humanity and much more are the ingredients of this most unusual novel. Lori Lansens's blend of tragedy and comedy will touch you deeply.-Isabel Allende "A stunner...immensely exciting...a tribute to the extraordinariness of human consciousness...laced with delightful comic moments...not just a sophisticated literary accomplishment but a darned good read."-"Toronto Star "Extraordinary...a masterful and sophisticated duet...a multidimensional vision of the sisters'lives." -"Time Magazine "A compelling read (I devoured it in one sitting)...Lansens' beautiful writing is so detailed that it is often easy to forget that the material is not based on a true story. She captures what it would be like never to sleep, bathe, go for a walk or meet friends on your own."-"The National Post "From the Hardcover edition.
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Book Lover - 30.11.2008, 12:38
Ungewöhnliche Geschichte zum Nachdenken
Rose und Ruby Darlen sind die ältesten lebenden siamesischen Zwillinge, die durch eine lebenswichtige Ader im Kopf miteinander verbunden sind. Als sich ihr dreißigster Geburtstag nähert, beschließt Rose, ihre Memoiren zu schreiben und bittet Ruby darum, dass sie auch ein paar Kapitel schreibt. Während Rose das Leben der Zwillinge häufig sehr blumig beschreibt, ähneln Rubys Beiträge eher Tagebucheintragungen. Doch so unterschiedlich die Geschichten und Schreibstile der beiden auch sind, zusammen ergeben sie ein harmonisches Bild vom Leben der beiden Schwestern. Und auch wenn die Geschichte zunächst traurig klingt - beide verstehen es durch ihre Schilderungen, dem Leser ein Lächeln aufs Gesicht zu zaubern. Ein sehr ungewöhnliches und empfehlenswertes Buch, welches noch lange bei dem Leser nachwirken wird.