Physical Culture, Power, and the Body

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This book explores meanings and representations of body in relation to our physical cultures - our traditions of cultural practices such as sport and dance within which the moving physical body is central.


1. Introduction 2. Movement Practices and Fascist Infections: From Dance Under the Swastika to Movement Education in the British Primary School 3. Political Somatics: Fascism, Physical Culture and the Sporting Body 4. Sport, Exercise and the Female Muslim Body: Negotiating Islam, Politics, and Male Power 5. Producing Girls: Empire, Sport, and the Neoliberal Body 6. Entertaining Femininities: The Embodied Exhibitions of Striptease and Sport, 1950-1975 7. The Social Logic of Sparring 8. Disabled Bodies and Narrative Time: Men, Sport, and Spinal Cord Injury 9. 'It's Not About Health, It's About Performance': Sport Medicine, Health and the Culture of Risk in Canadian Sport 10. Welcome to the Sportocracy: 'Race' and Sport After Innocence 11. Race and Athletics in the 21st Century 12. Technologized Bodies: Virtual Women and Transformations in Understandings of the Body as Natural


University of British Columbia, Canada University of Brighton, UK

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