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An excellent resource for teachers who are responsible for implementing standards and dance enthusiasts who want to enrich their choreographic experiences. This reader-friendly text bridges the theoretical and practical aspects of the choreographic process. Whether readers are experienced or new to choreography, they will learn how to solve common choreography problems, design and shape movements into a dance and organise a concert.


Chapter 1 Exploring and Improvising Movement; Chapter 2 Designing and Shaping the Dance; Chapter 3 Identifying Choreographic Form; Chapter 4 Staging the Performance.


Sandra Cerny Minton co-ordinates the dance programme at the University of Northern Colorado (UNC) in Greeley. She has taught and choreographed dance for more than 25 years and directed numerous concerts. Minton has been an active member of the Colorado Dance Alliance, the US National Dance Association and the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance, for which she was publications director for two years. She has also devoted her energy to scholarship and grant writing at UNC. Minton earned her master's degree in dance education from the University of California at Los Angeles and earned her PhD in dance and related arts from the Texas Woman's University. She has written numerous articles, a book chapter and other books on dance choreography, as well as presenting at conferences across North America.

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