Gas Turbines

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Gas Turbines are a class of rotary engines that depend upon the combustion and thrust of various types of gas-fuel and air mixtures to develop their work-producing effects. No other currently available publication will offer the professional engineer or technician the wealth of useful guidance on nearly every aspect of gas turbine design, installation, operation, maintenance and repair as will this book. The author has great experience as a technical consultant for companies ranging from GE to Rolls Royce, two of the largest manufactures of turbine engines worldwide. The book will offer professional Engineers hard-to-find manufacturers data and offers access to overviews of theoretical bases in thermodynamics and fluid dynamics. Gas Turbines will make the job of any engineer involved in the design, selection, operation and maintenance more efficient and more successful.
Gas Turbines are highly valued for their high power to weight ratios and dependable mechanical power. They are employed in a wide array of applications, from jet aircraft to power generation to marine propulsion. Their efficient operation depends greatly on very precise engineering and careful maintenance. This new professional reference will cover all aspects of gas turbine engine design, operation and maintenance, but with particular emphasis on practical, industrial-oriented topics, installation, engine optimization, maintenance and repair. The book will offer the reader insight of how to make the right decisions when planning what type of gas turbine to use.
Overview of major components, brief history of theory and development
Important maintenance-related chapters
Unique offering of manufacturersspecifications and performance criteria and future trends
One-of-a-kind guidance on the economics and business-management of turbine selection, as well as on installation and instrumentation/calibration


Chapter 1: Gas turbines: An Introduction and Applications. Chapter 2: History of gas turbines. Chapter 3: Basic heat cycles of gas turbine applications Chapter 4: Major components Chapter 5: Cooling and load bearing systems Chapter 6: Inlets, exhausts and noise suppression. Chapter 7: Fuels Chapter 8: Accessory systems Chapter 9: Controls, Instrumentation and Diagnostics Chapter10: Gas turbine performance, performance testing and performance optimization Chapter 11: Environmental technology Chapter 12: Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Chapter 13: Installation Chapter 14: Manufacturing, materials Chapter 15: The business of gas turbines Chapter 16: Microturbines, Fuel cells and hybrids Chapter 17: Education and training Chapter 18: Future trends Chapter 19: Basic design theory Chapter 20: References and Resources


Claire Soares is an ASME Fellow and industry consultant with more than 20 years' experience at such leading manufacturers of gas turbines as GE and Rolls Royce. Claire is a recognized turbomachinery specialist with particular expertise in optimal design selection and specification, and ensuring long-term successful operation for a given application.
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