Peer to Peer: A Beginner's Guide

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November 2001



This text demonstrates through clear explanations how to easily leverage the power of peer-to-peer networks to achieve seamless personal and business communication and transactions.


Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 2: P2P Justification and Risks Chapter 3: P2P Today Chapter 4: P2P Challenges Chapter 5: P2P Technologies Chapter 6: P2P Architecture Chapter 7: P2P Solutions Chapter 8: P2P Tomorrow Appendix


Dana Moore (Bowie, MD) is Chief Scientist at Roku Technologies. Prior to joining Roku, Moore worked at AT&T Laboratories where, as a senior technical member, he spearheaded research and development. Moore has the unique distinction of winning the AT&T Bronze Award for Excellence in Design and Development for five consecutive years. He is a popular conference speaker on software agent systems and various management topics and has contributed articles for numerous publications. John Hebeler (Ellicott City, MD) is Chief Architect and Vice President of Engineering at Roku Technologies. Prior to joining Roku, Hebeler worked for Deutsche Banc Alex Brown, as Vice President responsible for Web/Internet Architectures. Prior to Deutsche Banc, Hebeler worked for T. Rowe Price (where he was responsible for Electronic Commerce strategies) and for Bell Laboratories (where he was responsible for developing large-scale distributed computing solutions). He serves as an adjunct professor in the Loyola College M.B.A. program and is currently authoring an ecommerce book for McGraw Hill.
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