Broadband Fixed Wireless Networks

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According to forecasts by International Data Corporation, revenues from fixed wireless services to businesses will grow from $300 million in FY 1999 to about $5 billion in 2003. This book provides vendor coverage - including top players Cisco, Lucent and Nortel - who will help readers identify the solutions they should consider.


Part I: Network and Broadband Fixed Wireless Fundamentals 1 Selected Network Fundamentals 2 Types of Wireless 3 Selected RF Fundamentals Part II: Business and Market Strategies for BBFW Providers 4 BBFW Versus Other Broadband Methodologies 5 Primary Uses for BBFW 6 Customer System Selection Part III: Deployment and Implementation 7 Deployment: The Make-or-Break Proposition Part IV: Wireless Technologies 8 Modulation Schemes 9 System Performance Metrics 10 Differences Between Headend and CPE Gear 11 BBFW Security 12 Comparison of Unlicensed vs. Licensed BBFW 13 Wireless Local Area Networks Part V: Comparison of Technologies 14 Frequency Selection Issues Part VI: Standards 15 WLAN Standards Comparison 16 Technology Standards Part VII: Government and Regulatory Issues 17 The FCC 18 Licensing Part VIII: airBand Networks: An Interview 19 Deploying a Network: An Interview with airBand Networks of Dallas, TX Appendix


Neil Reid (Dallas, TX) is a Consulting Solutions Engineer at Cisco Systems has over 20 years experience in communications technology. He is well recognized as an authority in the field and has offered customer seminars for AT&T, Sprint and other leading telecommunication providers.
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