Boy Writers: Reclaiming Their Voices

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States that in general, boys don't enjoy writing as much as girls. What's wrong? How can we do a better of job of creating 'boy-friendly' classrooms so their voices can be heard? This book asks teachers to imagine the writing classroom from a boy's perspective, and consider specific steps we might take to create stimulating classrooms for boys.


The Trouble with Boys; Failure to Thrive; The Gender Filter; Rules of (Dis)Engagement; Vanishing Act: The Matter of Choice; Violent Writing; Humour; Handwriting; Classroom Conversation; Writing Conferences; A Dialogue; Stick and Stones: Language Issues; Drawn to the Page; Help Wanted; Boy-Friendly Territory; Dramatic Transformations; Boys and Writing; A Personal Note; Appendixes; References; Index


Ralph Fletcher received his BA from Dartmouth College and his master's from Columbia University. A former member of the Teachers College Writing Project, he currently works as a consultant. The author of numerous books, he also presents at conferences in the United States and around the world
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