Poverty and Neoliberalism: Persistence and Reproduction in the Global South

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Why do so many people worldwide suffer hunger and poverty when there is enough food and other resources globally to prevent it? This book shows how famine and food insecurity is an essential part of modern capitalism. Although trade, debt relief, and development initiatives are important, they do not alter the structure of the global economy and the poverty that is created by processes like privatization, trade liberalization, and market reform. Despite the rhetoric of the World Bank and the G8, high levels of poverty actually sustain western wealth and power. But there is some hope for change. Using case studies from Egypt and North Africa, Nigeria, Sudan, and elsewhere in Sub-Saharan Africa, Ray Bush illustrates that there is resistance to neoliberal policies, and that struggles over line, mining, and resources can shape real alternatives to existing globalization.


Introduction 1. Framing Poverty and Neo-Liberalism: The Middle East and North Africa 2. Commissioning Africa for Globalisation: Blair and the G8's Project for the World Poor 3. Labour Across Frontier? Capitalism's Struggle for Profit and Order 4 Land Poverty and Politics 5 Wealth and Poverty: Mining and the Curse of Resources? 6 Securing Food and Famine 7 Resisting Poverty and Neo-Liberalism Notes Index


This is a truly refreshing and engaging book on neo-liberalism and its discontents in the global South. Written in a highly accessible style that should make it valuable as both a research and teaching companion, the he situates the problems of poverty and inequality within the broader framework of the restructuring of capital on a global scale. -- Adebayo Olukoshi, Executive Secretary, CODESRIA This thoroughly researched book unveils the conceptual uses and abuses of 'poverty'; provides rich reports from Africa's most stressed regions; explores crucial sectors including land and food, labour and mineral resources; and points the way to more effective social and political resistance. Ray Bush breaks new ground in the way we think about class and other social struggles in Africa. -- Patrick Bond, Director, University of KwaZulu-Natal Centre for Civil Society, Durban, South Africa Ray Bush explains eloquently and powerfully the persistence and deepening of poverty in Africa. ... He argues that widespread and uneven accumulation by dispossession is aided and abetted by western governments and international financial institutions, pursuing neo-liberal policies. -- John Loxley, Professor of Economics and Research Co-ordinator, Global Political Economy Program, University of Manitoba, Canada A hard-headed and systematic critique of the way the goal of development has been replaced by hand-wringing about 'poverty' has been badly needed. Ray Bush's cogent and detailed analysis is one no student - and no 'anti-poverty' campaigner, however celebrated - will be able to ignore. -- Colin Leys, Emeritus Professor at Queen's University, Kingston, Canada, and author of The Rise and Fall of Development Theory
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