Destination Space: Making Science Fiction a Reality

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Mai 2007



The human impulse is to explore, and now there is an unexplored territory open for the traveler. The arrival of a revolutionary, safe, and environmentally friendly flying machine called SpaceShipTwo makes suborbital space travel a reality. For the first time, passenger astronauts are able to pay for a ride into space on a commercial space flight. They will be able to experience weightlessness, witness the curvature of the Earth, and have a unique view of the Universe seen only by very few. The thrilling history of the race for space is described and the men and women who will make history on the inaugural missions are sought out. Detailing their arduous training, how their bodies will be affected in space, and the technological breakthroughs of SpaceShipTwo, "Destination Space" is the real "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy."


Kenny Kemp is an award-winning journalist and writer. The founding business editor of the Sunday Herald, Kenny Kemp was Scotland's Business Writer of the Year in both 2001 and 2003.He is the co-author with Barbara Cassini of Go: An Airline Adventure, which won the 2004 Business Book of the Year in the WH Smith Awards, and Flight of the Titans. He lives in Edinburgh.
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