Magda B. Arnold's Contributions to Emotion Research and Theory: A Special Issue of Cognition and Emotion

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September 2008



Magda Arnold (1903-2002) was a major figure of 20thCentury emotions research. Best known for pioneering the ideathat appraisal processes underlie the generation of emotion,Arnold aimed to weave together cognition, neuroscience, andpersonality in a comprehensive theory of emotion. Contributorsexamine Arnold's research and theory in light of its relevance topresent and future challenges in the study of emotion. Whatquestions did she raise that have since been answered? Which ofher contributions have present-day researchers failed to use fully?What questions did she raise that can still be profitably asked?


Magda B. Arnold (1903-2002). S.A. Shields, A. Kappas, Magda B. Arnold's Contributions to Emotions Research. S.A. Shields, Magda B. Arnold's Life and Work in Context. R. Reisenzein, Arnold's Theory of Emotion in Historical Perspective. A. Kappas, Appraisals Are Direct, Immediate, Intuitive, and Unwitting... and Some Are Reflective... R.R. Cornelius, Magda Arnold's Thomistic Theory of Emotion, the Self-Ideal, and the Moral Dimension of Appraisal. K. Gasper, K.D. Bramesfeld, Imparting Wisdom: Magda Arnold's Contribution to Research on Emotion and Motivation. H. Bortfeld, S.M. Smith, L.G. Tassinary, Memory and the Brain: A Retrospective. Subject Index.
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