Ultra-Simple Boat Building

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November 2007



The first complete how-to guide for building the latest generation of quick and easy boats
In Ultrasimple Boatbuilding, renowned designer Gavin Atkin shows you how to create elegant, seaworthy plywood boats with a minimum of time, experience, and expense. Using clearly written and illustrated step-by-step instructions, Atkin explains the basics of stitch-and-glue construction, tools, materials, shop safety, and more, as he helps you choose and build the simpleboat of your dreams.


Contents Introduction: The Virtues of Small and Simple Boats
 Part 1How We'll Build Them
1.Three Simple Ways to Build Ultrasimple Boats
The Simplified Chine Log Method
Polyurethane Stitch and GlueEpoxy Stitch and GlueYour Choice
2.Materials and Tools
Buying PlywoodLumber
Buying LumberAdhesives
EpoxyPolyurethane GluesPaint and Varnish
3.Basic Skills
Working with Lumber
MarkingCuttingWorking with SawsJoining Lengths of LumberWorking with Plywood panels
Marking out using coordinatesCutting the panelsMaking Butt JointsUsing Fasteners
Pre-drilling holes Working with hand drillsUsing hammers and driving nailsUsing screwdrivers and driving screws(sidebar: Working with Chisels) Working with Glues
Using polyurethane glue(sidebar: PL Hints from Bryant Owen)Using Epoxy4.Building the Hull
Building with the Simplified Chine Log Method
Cleats for bulkheads and frames Cleats for the transomsAssembling the Bulkheads, Transoms, and SidesAdding Chine logsBuilding Stitch-and-Glue Style
Bulkheads and Frames Initial Assembly Taping versus "Stitching"Making Fillets with polyurethaneMaking Fillets with epoxyCovering the hullAdding a Skeg
Inwales, gunwales, breasthooks and quarter knees(sidebar: Home Made Clamps)
5.Finishing Your Boat
Painting with water-based paintPainting with oil-based paintVarnishing
6.Fitting out and Rigging
Paddling and rowing gear(sidebar: A Rowing Rant)
Sailing Gear
Daggerboards, leeboards, and ruddersSparsSailsRigging(sidebar: Knots)Preventing rot
7.Model making
Part 2Let's Build Some Boats
8.Minimouse and Micromouse: two tiny, flat-bottom double-paddle prams
Les Brown's Micromouse
9.Lilypad: a stone-simple punt
10.Mouse and Rowing Mouse: a V-bottomed messabout pram for double-paddle or oars
11.Cruising Mouse: a two-person rowing or paddling pram with carrying capacity
12.PoorBoy: a small outboard skiff
13.Dogsbody: a larger outboard boat
14.Jiggity: an "ultrasimplified" Auray punt
15.Aurette: a small sailing Auray punt
16.Piragua: a pirogue
17.Cinderella: a double-paddle canoe with a "roundish" bottom
18.Flying Mouse: a child's sailing pramString Sailing
19.Eek!: a larger, sportier sailing pram for more experienced kids and small adults
20.Puddle Duck Racer: the world's simplest racing class?
21.Summer Breeze: a versatile rowing/sailing skiff
Using the Simplified Chine Log Method
Stem and transomFrameAssembling the SidesInstalling the BottomUsing stitch and glue
Finishing the Hull
Rowing Accoutrements
Sailing Rig
22.Doris the Dory: a rowing and sailing expedition boat
 Part 3: What Shall We Build Next?
23.A gallery of appealing designs
Phil Bolger
TealHis 'n' Hers SchoonersMicroJim MichalakAF3AF4LadybugHarmonicaMurray Isles
Swallowdale 15Swan BayPepper GalJohn Welsford
HoudiniTread LightlyTroverJacques Mertens-Goosens
CK 17Otter 16Indian River SkiffConrad Natzio


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