The Rise, the Fall, and the Recovery of Southeast Asia's Minidragons: How Can Their History Be Lessons We Shall Learn During the Twenty-First Century

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This book explores how a clear-eyed set of policies can govern a country's wellbeing from an economic standpoint and the vision it takes to propel a country to new heights. The author considers not just development, but how development was undone by policies and actions that were not governed by a consistent long-range vision.


Chapter 1 The Rise and Fall of Southeast Asia as a Regional Economic Predominant: Some General Evaluations Chapter 2 Taiwan's Economic Path after the Second World War Chapter 3 Singapore's Vision for Economic Growth, Sustainability, and Re-growth of Today and Tomorrow Chapter 4 The Dynamics Behind Malaysia's Economic Growth: An Uneasy Road for Prosperity Still Followed Chapter 5 Thailand: From Economic Growth to the Initial Point of the Domino Effect of Currency Devaluations and Beyond Chapter 6 Indonesia: Its Rise to Commercial Power & Factors Leading to the Instabilities of 1997 and Beyond Chapter 7 The Asia of Today and Beyond: The Lessons to Be Learned from the Asian Experience Chapter 8 Epilogue: A Final School of Thought: Taking Stock in a Vision with and Beyond the Lessons


David Hollingsworth is assistant editor for the Center for International Relations, a forum based in Arlington, VA. A graduate from both American University and the State University of New York at Buffalo, he lives in Washington, D.C. Click to read David Hollingsworth's recent interview with the International Affairs Forum


A well-written, properly documented study examining the contemporary histories of Southeast Asia countries referred to as 'Asia's minidragons' for their rapid economic growth: Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia... This book will be useful for graduate students in economic development and economists interested in economic problems in Third World countries. Recommended. CHOICE
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