Beyond the Gymnasium: Educating the Middle-Class Bodies in Classical Germany

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This book is the first systematic effort to examine the history of the body in modern Germany. By looking into medical dietetics, walking, dancing, gymnastics, cholera, and class rooms it reconstructs the ways the middle-class body became a source of political and social autonomy and a medium of social interaction.


Chapter 1 Introduction Part 1 Quest For Bodily Autonomy Chapter 3 Dietetics Chapter 4 Restoring the Balance Part 5 Practices of Bodily Education Chapter 6 Gymnastics Chapter 7 Dance Chapter 8 Walking Part 9 The Crises of the 1830s Chapter 10 Cholera Chapter 11 The Uberburdung Debate and Gymnasium Part 12 Conclusion


Heikki Lempa is assistant professor of Modern European History at Moravian College.


Heikki Lempa provides a close and detailed analysis of the rise of dietetics as an intellectual and social enterprise that affected many bodies in late-eighteenth and early-nineteenth century Germany in heterodox and heterogenous ways. Lempa's eye for historical detail and close reading aid the project tremendously, making Beyond the Gymnasium a very good resource for historians of the more empirical persuasion. German Studies Review, October 2009 Laban's work is a vivid example of the radically liberal yet religious dynamic that characterizes Lempa's discussion of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century dietetics Dance Research Journal, Winter 2010
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