Youth Information Seeking Behavior II: Context, Theories, Models, and Issues

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This resource is as much a tribute to its editors and contributors, a cadre of champions who have made the study of this underrepresented group their lifework, as it is a testament to their unwavering respect for the young inquiring mind. Continuing the work of their earlier volume published in 2004, Mary K. Chelton and Colleen Cool begin this book with a historical overview of the literature on children's use and understanding of electronic information systems dating back to when these retrieval mechanisms were in their infancy. Chapters then provide a snapshot of the current research agenda, everyday life information seeking (ELIS), and the information seeking of youth in their role as students.


Part 1 Preface Part 2 Acknowledgments Part 3 Introduction: "Not Broken by Somone Else's Schedule: On Joy and Young Adult Information Seeking" Part 4 1 Tweens and Everyday Life Information Behavior: Preliminary Findings from Seattle Part 5 2 Modeling the Everyday Life Information Needs of Urban Teenagers Part 6 3 Research Directions for Understanding and Responding to Young Adult Sexual and Reproductive Health Information Needs Part 7 4 Process of Information Seeking during "Queer" Youth Coming-Out Experiences Part 8 5 Teens and Pleasure Reading: A Critical Assessment from Nova Scotia Part 9 6 Online Information Seeking and HE Students Part 10 7 "It'd Be Really Dumb Not to Use It": Virtual Libraries and High School Students' Information Seeking and Use-a Focus Group Investigation Part 11 8 Digital Reference Services: Recommendations for Supporting Children's Informal Learning Part 12 9 Children's Web Portals: Can an Intergenerational Design Team Deliver the Goods? Part 13 10 Causes of Information-Seeking Failure: Some insights from an English Research Project Part 14 Bibliograhpy Part 15 Index Part 16 About the Editors and Contributors


Mary K Chelton is Professor in the Graduate School of Library and Information Studies, Queens College, NYC. Colleen Cool is Associate Professor in the Graduate School of Library and Information Studies, Queens College, NYC.


This title would be most useful in library and information science course work. Booklist 20070501 This authoritative resource is for anyone who is interested in youth and their informational needs. Silive.com 20071002 This book contains systematic and well-designed research studies that collectively offer an interesting mosaic of the complex nature of the relationship of young people and their information-seeking behaviors...well written, scientifically based, informative...a significant contribution... College & Research Libraries (C&RL) 20071101 All those who are involved in the lives of children and teenagers such as professors, information behaviorists, teachers, librarians, researchers, computer specialists and parents will find this book revealing. Even booksellers would benefit from knowing, for example, what kind of genres teenagers are reading. Thus its appeal is to a wider audience than at first glance. It gleans the type of information that will help teachers, librarians and all those who work with children and teenagers become aware of the advancements in information retrieval. This is recommended for all school, academic and public libraries. Collection Building Ten contributions from academics and practicing librarians provide an overview of current research into the information-seeking behaviors of youth. Five chapters focus on information seeking behaviors related to everyday life, while the rest deal specifically with information seeking conducted by children in their role as students. The editors (both library and information studies, Queens College, New York) also provide an introduction to the topic in which they suggest directions for future research. This collection of new articles is a continuation of the work begun in volume one of the same title, which was published in 2004. Reference and Research Book News 20070501 Chelton & Cool's "snapshot" of research related to youth information seeking is diverse, inspiring, and, especially in its introduction, provocative. Library and Information Science Research 20070801
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