SQL for MySQL Developers: A Comprehensive Tutorial and Reference

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April 2007



This book describes MYSQL's SQL dialect. It teaches how and why to use certain features of the language. Not only the classic features of SQL are described, but also the more advanced features. Every aspect of the language is discussed thoroughly and critically. The following aspects of SQL, among other things, are covered: Querying and updating data (joins, functions, and subqueries), creating tables, specifying primary and foreign keys and other constraints, using indexes, data security, developing stored procedures and triggers. Application development with PHP and Python, transactions, optimization of statements, is also discussed. Many users of MySQL have only very limited knowledge of SQL and would be significantly more productive if they had a better understanding of SQL. Others know SQL, but are unfamiliar with the idiosyncracies of MySQL's SQL implementation. In either case, this is the book for them. The exercises are a key benefit for readers familiar with other SQL variants. The structure, style and approach of this book is based on van der Lans best-selling Introduction to SQL (published by Addison-Wesley since 1987). This book is still being used at many universities, and is now in a fourth edition. And that structure and approach have therefore been tested over and over again.


About the Author xix Preface xx PART I Introduction 1 CHAPTER 1 Introduction to MySQL 3 CHAPTER 2 The Tennis Club Sample Database 29 CHAPTER 3 Installing the Software 37 CHAPTER 4 SQL in a Nutshell 41 PART II Querying and Updating Data 71 CHAPTER 5 SELECT Statement: Common Elements 73 CHAPTER 6 SELECT Statements, Table Expressions, and Subqueries 145 CHAPTER 7 SELECT Statement:The FROM Clause 171 CHAPTER 8 SELECT Statement: The WHERE Clause 213 CHAPTER 9 SELECT Statement: SELECT Clause and Aggregation Functions 315 CHAPTER 10 SELECT Statement: The GROUP BY Clause 349 CHAPTER 11 SELECT Statement: The HAVING Clause 375 CHAPTER 12 SELECT Statement: The ORDER BY Clause 383 CHAPTER 13 SELECT Statement: The LIMIT Clause 395 CHAPTER 14 Combining Table Expressions 409 CHAPTER 15 The User Variable and the SET Statement 421 CHAPTER 16 The HANDLER Statement 429 CHAPTER 17 Updating Tables 437 CHAPTER 18 Loading and Unloading Data 461 CHAPTER 19 Working with XML Documents 471 PART III Creating Database Objects 491 CHAPTER 20 Creating Tables 493 CHAPTER 21 Specifying Integrity Constraints 539 CHAPTER 22 Character Sets and Collations 561 CHAPTER 23 The ENUM and SET Types 577 CHAPTER 24 Changing and Dropping Tables 591 CHAPTER 25 Using Indexes 603 CHAPTER 26 Views 631 CHAPTER 27 Creating Databases 653 CHAPTER 28 Users and Data Security 659 CHAPTER 29 Statements for Table Maintenance 683 CHAPTER 30 The SHOW, DESCRIBE, and HELP Statements 693 PART IV Procedural Database Objects 701 CHAPTER 31 Stored Procedures 703 CHAPTER 32 Stored Functions 745 CHAPTER 33 Triggers 755 CHAPTER 34 Events 767 PART V Programming with SQL 783 CHAPTER 35 MySQL and PHP 785 CHAPTER 36 Dynamic SQL with Prepared Statement 807 CHAPTER 37 Transactions and Multiuser Usage 815 APPENDIX A Syntax of SQL 839 APPENDIX B Scalar Functions 903 APPENDIX C System Variables 953 APPENDIX D Bibliography 963 Index 967


Rick F. van der Lans is author of the classic Introduction to SQL, the definitive SQL guide that database developers have relied on for more than 20 years. He is a consultant, author, and lecturer specializing in database technology, development tools, data warehousing, and XML. As managing director of the Netherlands-based R20/Consultancy, he has advised many large companies on defining their IT architectures. He chairs the European Meta Data Conference, and writes columns for several magazines.

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